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All of our jewellery are made of sterling silver rhodium plated with semi-precious stones and high quality cz diamonds.

Here are some hints and tips on keeping your jewellery in good condition when Wearing, Cleaning and Storing it.


When Wearing It:

Chemicals such as hair spray, perfume, cosmetics as well as cleaning agents and chlorinated water can cause damage to your jewellery. Put on jewellery after applying make-up, lotion, hair spray and perfume. Remove jewellery before playing sports, doing housework or getting into a pool/hot tub/shower.


When Cleaning It: Use a soft 100% cotton cloth or the jewellery cleaning cloth in our packaging to wipe your jewellery pieces clean* after each wearing to remove sweat, natural body oils or residue and to remove moisture from surface that causes rust, corrosion and tarnish. Do not use tissue or paper towels because they may cause scratches on the surface. Use a polishing cloth to remove tarnish and to restore its natural shine.

* For rhodium plated jewellery, it is recommended to use mild liquid soap in warm water to clean, rinse and dry thoroughly immediately. In addition, please beware not to clean with jewellery-cleaning chemicals or sonic-cleaning system.


When Storing It:

Store each item in a separate bag/box to prevent minor breaks, tangling and scratching among them. Keep them in a cool, dry place as extreme temperatures, sunlight and high humidity can cause dramatic tarnish and discoloration. Anti-tarnish strips may be placed inside the container to absorb oxidants that discolour and tarnish jewellery.

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