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After Sales Service

We offer after-sales service free of charge for one year from the original date of purchase. After-sales service includes:

- repair manufacturing faults within one month of purchase and

- repair or replacement of missing stone/ fixing of clasps or ear clips/ deep cleaning/ soldering work and tightening clasps or adjusting ear clips.


Please note that free after-sales service cannot be offered to any damage or loss caused by general wear and tear, misuse or excessive force/ friction. Please reference tips in “Jewellery Care”  to avoid misuse and mishandling of the jewellery.


Before sending us the product, please email us at a photo of the product together with the invoice or any valid proof of purchase such as payment receipt or credit card statement receipt. Please describe in the email, as specific as you can: what kind of repair you request and how the product was damaged. Upon receipt of your request, we will assess and reply by email to confirm the status of your repair request and any follow-up arrangement necessary. Please also understand it will be our sincere effort to return the item to its original conditions but we cannot guarantee nor be held liable for pre-existing conditions that are already caused by normal wear and tear.


In case of any disagreement or dispute, Fleur Bleue Jewellery reserves the right of final decision.

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