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All our rings are in Hong Kong Size 14 (which is the most popular ring size for ladies). *All sizes referenced in this FAQ are Hong Kong Sizes.

FAQ 1: How do I determine the ring size that best suits my needs?

Method 1: Use a ring from your collection that best fits your finger for reference. Place the ring on a piece of paper, measure the diameter of its inner circle (in mm) to cross check with the chart below for the ring size that corresponds closest to your measurement.

Method 2: Wrap a piece of non-stretch string/ paper around the base of your finger and mark with a pen where the ends meet. Measure this piece of string/ paper to find out the circumference (in mm) of your finger/ inner circle of the ring. Use this measurement to cross check with the chart below for the ring size whose circumference corresponds closest to this measurement.

*For stackable/ wide band rings, it is recommended that you choose one size up.

FAQ 2: Do you offer ring size adjustment service?

Yes. We offer ring size adjustment service for free for most of the styles. For those styles that can allow size adjustment, they can usually be adjusted down to Size 11 minimum and up to Size 15 maximum. Actual adjustable size range needs to be confirmed per your selected style. Example of ring styles that size adjustment is not applicable: - rings with embellishments (e.g. gemstones set or patterns engraved) that cover more than two-thirds of the band/shank/rail of the ring - rings in styles such as eternity ring etc

FAQ 3: How long does it take to complete a ring resizing process?

It usually takes 5 to 10 working days. We also make best effort to despatch it as soon as it is ready.

FAQ 4: What if none of the sizes in the above chart fits me?

If none of the sizes in the above chart fits your needs, please contact us and you can place a special order with us.

FAQ 5: What changes do I expect in the ring after its size is being adjusted?

Your ring may be slightly thicker or thinner because, during the resizing process, a small amount of metal will be added, if resized up; or removed, if resized down.

FAQ 6: Can I request ring size adjustment after I start wearing it?

Yes. We offer ring size adjustment service within 10 days of purchase. Please make your request by contacting us as soon as you can and we make arrangements promptly upon receipt of your written request.

Ring dimension Chart.png
Ring Size Tablepng.png
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