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Ring details:
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Main Gemstone: Garnet and Pink Sapphire
Color: White Gold
Ring Surface Dimension: 23mm*21mm
Weight: approx. 4.6g
This ring is made of 92 pieces of white CZ diamonds, 8 pieces of Garnet and 5 pieces of Pink Sapphire.

-Garnet represents a light heart, lasting affections and unending loyalty. It signifies eternal friendship; inspiring love and devotion, calming any feelings of conflict, and making it an excellent stone for bringing deeper commitment to a new relationship or even revitalizing a long-term one.

-Pink Sapphire represents femininity and elegance. It symbolizes truth, honesty and faithfulness, bringing wisdom of acceptance, forgiveness, and release. It helps you accept and let go of the past, freeing us from past emotions and stories.

Glorious garnet & pink sapphire cz ring


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