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Ring details:
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Main Gemstones: Yellow Citrine and Blue Sapphire
Color: Rose Gold
Ring Surface Dimension: 25mm*18mm
Weight: approx. 6.79g
This ring is made of 88 pieces of white CZ diamonds, 9 pieces of Yellow Citrine and 4 pieces of Blue Sapphire.

-Citrine is known as the 'stone of the mind', stimulating the brain, increasing concentration, strengthening the intellect and increasing psychic powers. It helps bring about new beginnings, new pursuits and what living a full life means. It helps you transform hopes and dreams into reality.

-Blue sapphire symbolises purity and wisdom. It is regarded as a stone of mental focus and order, inner vision and psychic awareness; which helps sharpen your thinking and psychic abilities. It facilitates self-expression and thus helps bring forth one's ideas and, whilst provided with the mental focus, helps turn those dreams into reality.

Luscious citrine & blue sapphire cz ring


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